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Las Cruces Chapter   


 It is not What you Ride but the fact That you Ride!
The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is an All Brands, No Dues Riding club with no mandatory meeting Attendance Requirements.
We are a National/International club with over 183 chapters located throughout the United States, Canada, the Phillipines, Iceland, England, France, the Czech Republic, and Australia. We welcome riders of H-D, Honda, Yamaha, Dukati, BMW, Suzuki, Kawasaki or any other brand you can name. Our rides/events consist of local rides, charity events, overnighters, multi-chapter rides and participation in major Rallies such as Daytona Bikeweek, Sturgis, the Honda Hoot, Americade, Trail of Tears, Rolling Thunder, Laconia and others. If you love to ride, are looking for a fun, family oriented Riding Club or just someone to ride with, the Southern Cruisers is for you!

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