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What's New In The Riding World
New Web site and Message board exclusively for Members of the Las Cruces chapter of SCRC
has been published and is now up and running,But of course if your reading this you already know that.

Anyone having articles or news of interest to others in chapter or riding community in general are asked
to send em to me so that they can be published for all to view and respond to.
You can get them to me by clicking on the underlined text above.
Thanks in advance for your submissions!
"Aggony" SCC #29015

 Member Photos/E-Mail/Addresses etc...

 *Members Please let me know if you want you and/or your bikes photos posted here!
Send to me (Aggony) or let Ryan or myself know if you need access to a digital camera. I have a camera and will travel for member photos when I can!
(Or will get em on chapter rides)
Also will post names , E-Mail addresses , and phone numbers on contact page if anyone would like to be posted there.Again please let myself or Ryan know!

 Watch your Mirrors!
I was unfortunate enough to see a horrid accident this afternoon.
It seems a fellow rider was fataly injured today not a mile from my residence.
It appears that he pulled up to a stop sign.This is the stop at McCombs and State line road.(a 55 Mph road, although many people take this at 70 and above as Law enforcement is notoriously scarce here)
It looked like he got to stop sign and stopped however the station wagon behind him didnt until it was too late.There was aproximatly 50 feet of skid marks leading to the  stop sign where the rider was hit from behind.
The accident was clearly not his fault .However had he been more aware of his surroundings he MAY have been able to get out of the way . People PLEASE always be aware of your surroundings!! Both in front of you ,on either side of you and please watch those mirrors! Dont let em sneak up on you.
(Only info I have on rider is that it was a larger Mdl.  Yamaha with red tank. From what I could see in passing it Seems as though he was a fatality)

 Membership Drive

Well here we are, Beginning of the year!
Seems like a great time for a membership drive!!
In this regular chapter flyer mailing there is a
Southern Cruisers Las Cruces Chapter Recruitment Flyer!
I think that if all who recieve this mailing will take the time to post
this flyer in a prominent place where other riders might see it we could easily Double our current  chapter membership!
Minimum Effort = Maximum Rewards!!


As Mentioned above I have begun a regular member flyer.
This flyer will contain news and information on upcoming events as well as an occasional Members only gift.
(personalized bussiness cards,window decals and other items
all of which will be made priceless with our club logo on them !)
There will be a lot of rides/runs/events in this and upcomming months.
So watch for your flyer and get ready to party!!
This Flyer will go to all current members at the address posted on the club roster,so if you have changed mailing address or for some reason havent recieved a flyer  Please E-Mail "Aggony" with current address.